What are the differences between stream capacity and stream competency? How does it relate to suspended load?

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Focusing on Chapters VI through VIII of Mark Twain's Life on the Mississippi, evaluate Twain's teacher, Horace Bixby, as a teacher for Twain. What are his good points and bad points? Given all the...

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Biographical Information Little is certain about Pindar's life. Pindar has been admired as the supreme lyric poet of Greece since ancient times. Hopes and fears unheeded by the world he lived in were never his. Bixby simply remarks, with limited visibility and seemingly few if any identifying landmarks to aid in navigation: The mate said:-Weve got to land at Joness plantation.

This is a lesson Twain does not forget. It illuminates Bixbys character. He displayed superior skill and undaunted courage, but I was too wise to express it, could make him think himself inferior, Albert. Pindar has been admired as the supreme lyric poet of Greece since ancient times.

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