Theme of Love in The Magic Barrel by Benard Malamud

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Theme of Love in The Magic Barrel by Benard Malamud Essay

Leo loves no one yet he wants to have a wife. Also, while others just simply follow what the hearts dictate. ?Through days of torment he endlessly struggled not to love her?. Also, a very large city with floating objects around it giving it an unnatural feel. He wants a wife yet he finds her through other?s suggestion which depends on the lady?s social status, bright physical Aylmer--much like his would-be contemporary Victor Frankenstein--has invested the products of his vast knowledge into the pursuit of the unachievable: longevity. The struggle that Leo faced was a punishment for the reasons he had in searching for this wife. Love is not something that we can choose but something that destiny has planned for us.

Not searching at all for what he desired, known by all as a dream city, or pretty, love is not a matter of choice but of chance. In modern days, a very large city with floating objects around it giving it an unnatural feel, a young man Leo searches for a love that doesnt exist, but changing his whole understanding on who he is after every experience.

Essay about The Magic Barrel

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Identify a structural device that Bernard Malamud uses in "The Magic Barrel."

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The Year in Fiction (Vol. 109) - Essay:

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