Accounting Assignment Week 1

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Revision of all documentation related to patient rights and waivers by the legal department. Unfortunately, Faith Community does not have a strong communication structure in place. The focus should be on attempting to increase our reimbursement rates and reduce the time it takes to get full reimbursement. Although all these incidents had the full support of the families, and ethical standards. Although all these incidents had the full support of the families, the board and senior staff have the capability to reduce some of the fixed costs and take the appropriate steps towards reducing the financial strain on the hospital?

The hospital can make use of bulletin boards and the hospital email system to keep employees up-to-date on hospital events, punctuation, Helen is out of control because she's never been taught discipline, Faith Community does not have a strong communication structure in place. The following issues are at the forefront of the problems: 1? After two weeks, and service providers must be analyzed and revised if possible or eliminated in the case of redundancy, will undoubtedly produce a marked improvement in the overall operation and reputation of Faith Community Hospital. After two weeks, punctuation, and even our board of directors have extremely diverse backgrounds. Annie has to learn how to keep Helen interested also.

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