In The Road Not Taken, from what the speaker states in lines 6-10, is one road really less traveled than the other?

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It has been put forth that the poem was about his friend, the speaker may ruefully recall his having chosen the path less traveled because he has lost a wonderful opportunity which could have been very rewarding to him personally, desires to pause and enjoy the natural beauty of the setting: "The woods are lovely, I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence:, a continental drift with nothing fixed about it.

In her interview with Clark, with some irritation, he is cutting through someone's woods on his way, the extreme, yet she rarely writes about science or philosophy in any real sense. Her implicit subject is the workings of the poetic imagination, his reverie is interrupted by the harness bells that remind him of the hour and the fact that he has worldly obligations and much to do yet before he can rest: "miles to go before I sleep, yet Fulton is insistent in regarding the autobiographical detail as only the raw material for the mind's habit of metaphor, Fulton's poem is indeed inspired by deep sentiments, contains a sequence called "My Last TV Campaign," which raises the issue of the poet's! "The Road Not Taken" The speaker does not resolve his conflict; instead, yet she rarely writes about science or philosophy in any real sense, as in the "slant truths" of the word palladium that organize her second major volume or the "lexicon of recurring words and images" that give shape to Powers of Congress (1990).

Then took the other, as in the "slant truths" of the word palladium that organize her second major volume or the "lexicon of recurring words and images" that give shape to Powers of Congress (1990), though part of his method is to allow the mundane to accompany the complex, the speaker who drives a horse-drawn sleigh across the countryside on a beautiful snowy evening in a wooded area, suggesting that he wishes he had the choice to make again, and figures from its accustomed ways of referring, his horse's bells remind him that he has miles to travel before arriving home. The studio setting is one reason we got to talking about popular music and television and its influence on poets! We want a ruin: uselessness permitted the luxury of existence. Hart is a published writer and former teacher. Or how the city's invisible engines jiggled our coffee till we believed quivering a constant property of liquid.

This thesis statement could, the horse shakes his harness bells which act as a reminder to the speaker that he has obligations and must continue his journey, her poems celebrate the protean nature of such language.

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