Solving the Foreclosure Crisis and “Wealth and Poverty” by George Gilder

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Legislation passed to ease the foreclosure crisis was largely unsuccessful because there was no way to force the banks to cooperate. Working at a regional bank has allowed me the opportunity to observe the damage dealt to the American economy firsthand? I am among many skeptics of the notion that we can truly solve this crisis without addressing several systemic issues of the housing market. If the sale of homes and their derivatives are not disconnected from Wall Street, with a few exceptions.

If Gilder had predicted this scenario over twenty years ago, credit is destroyed. One of the main reasons for banks failing was due to loan default. In terms of domestic policy, Obama has also been relatively liberal. It seems as though all legislation is working hard to amend the damage done to our nation and its homeowners. He has advocated government-based solutions for most problems.

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Solving the Foreclosure Crisis Essay

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Why do inequality and poverty exist in our society?Why do inequality and poverty exist in our society?

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