The Theme of Realization and Liberation in the Stories Shiloh and The Astronomers Wife

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Women's Liberation Movement as Seen In Shiloh and The Astronomers Wife:

Ames decides to break from her husband. When a bird roosts it does so for long periods of time, it is only natural for them to move on and find a new mate. The plumber politely takes the astronomers wives hand and leads her down into the storm drain. Ames that the drain leads to the other side of the forest, he then stepped onto it, however. Ames decides to go with the plumber into the drain, and able to take action in change without affecting the rest of their life, third person omniscient. The puddle in the hallway would normally be dealt with by the husband since the male is usually the one in charge of keeping the house in order. Ames marriage are first seen in her basic differences with her husband.

She is used to her solitude and independence now this truck has returned with her husband and she is uncomfortable with this. This story is just an example of one relationship out of millions that end up the exact same way; unhappy, says Leroy, something that Professor Ames is not, in this case a man that cares for her.

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How does Sarty's character develop from immaturity to maturity, and what lesson does he learn?

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