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Our credible and unbiased research will be an invaluable input for your investment decisions. So subscribe now and get access to a wealth of research and recommendations.

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kodicms Reviews...
By Our Own Subscribers

"I was just an off and on investor and did make some money but lost quite a bit of it too. Following the stock recommendations of kodicms I have generally stabilised the portfolio and am normally in the green now. Thank you very much and I look forward to a long and enduring relationship."

- Vinod Bakshi, Bhopal

"My adventure with kodicms.com started years back when I was looking for ways to invest my hard earn money in places where it can grow. Knew of few such websites that could help however chose kodicms.com as my trusted partner. Without any regrets I am glad to say, the site has given my wealth and life a brighter side. Their continuous guidance on trading in the share market as well as sincere amount of time allotted for their client's grievances or concerns makes this site one of the best of its kind.

Today, I am so proud to be one of the oldest client of kodicms.com and now spending my time telling people interested in playing in the trading market about this great website. Their promptness and professionalism always inspires me to trust them like a true friend who would speak the truth in a required situation.

I want to thank all staff of kodicms for taking care of my investment with warm regards,"

- Sudhir Vinayak Kubal, Dubai

"I am very appreciative of kodicms research team. kodicms customer service is brilliant. People are courteous and friendly. I wish kodicms all the best for coming years."

- Lalit Kumar Bansal, Pune

"Let me heartily congratulate kodicms for completing 20 years of successful stock recommendation services and investor education.

A saying goes, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.". In case of kodicms, it is doing BOTH at the same time in a very honest, unbiased way, always in the best interest of the investors. kodicms teaches one how to fish safely for successful investments while avoiding the dangers ever present in the oceans of the financial world. At the same time also gives the man a fish by way of unbiased, honest stock recommendations. I do not think one can get a better deal than this.

I came into contact with kodicms first in 2009 through a stock recommendation service and this association has had a natural progression along the years and I am now an kodicms Reserve member from the past around three years when you first launched the kodicms Reserve service.

I have to say that I am very happy with this life long association and cherish it as one of the most fruitful associations I have ever had.

I wish to thank kodicms for providing a refreshingly new and different perspective to wealth creation through successful asset creation, through sound investments which can be passed on through generations.

Wishing You All the Very Best in Your Future Journey.

With warm regards,"

- Jay B. Jani, Mumbai

"I have been associated with EQTM since 7-8 years, through their various services and due to benefits I derived, I am now a new member of EQTM reserve. I find these services very honest, forthright and highly rewarding in long run. The conservative approach is good. Overall i am very happy with EQTM and would strongly recommend it to long term investors."

- Mahesh S Shroff, Mumbai