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StockSelect (Large Cap Research) Reviews - kodicms
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StockSelect (Large Cap Research) - Reviews

kodicms subscribers review our large cap stock recommendation service, StockSelect...

I have been a customer of kodicms since 2003 and have been very happy & satisfied with their services, commitment and passion to give value to their customers.

- Ramachandran Venkataraman, Bangalore

I have been with kodicms for nearly 20 years - happy to have made a lot of money - Really investor friendly and independent analysis. Compliments to Research team.

- Dildar Singh, Thane

Very good unbiased recommendations. All the reports of recommendations are in depth and very good. Overall when one see the site one can easily understand the fundamentals of investing. Very useful. The main thing is kodicms can be trusted. Overall my experience has been very good

- Raghunathan Srinivasan, Mumbai

I am very satisfied with the services offered by kodicms. If I have to pick one very positive thing than that would be unbiased recommendations on stocks. The new tool of valuation using ERM is very helpful.

If I can ask for one specific intervention or better service, it would be when should one really book the loss, if we get some sort of an alert to really act on sharp declines that would be helpful to us.

- Parthiban A, Bangalore

I have been investing in the market since the last 5 years and have been a lifetime member of kodicms since the last three years. I have found their advice to be quite unbiased. One good thing about them is that they are constantly trying to bring in new services via research and analysis which is helping me to get an objective view on the market. I hope that they bring about more expertise in the mutual fund market also. I trust them because they have the transparency to go back and review the performance of their recommendations.

- Prashanth Nair, Kerala

Though I am in the markets since last many years as investor and no doubt money can easily be made during good times, I realise the importance of a good partner during bad times, such as the current phase. I fully trust kodicms's Wealth Alliance's impartial & conservative views during all phases/cycles of the market and they can be fully relied for a fruitful hand holding not only during the current bad phase but throughout. I respect them for their impartial and unbiased views.

- Surendra Pai Vernekar, Goa

I have been using kodicms for more than 10 years and I believe they are an excellent source of clear information needed to invest savings safely in this time of high inflation. As they have repeatedly said investing is an art takes a lot of passion to get it right while maintaining a dispassionate view on the investments. They have superb research which is not always correct in their forecast but provide the data that helps individuals make decisions. I believe kodicms has not yet reached its true worth in the marketplace.

- Carl Saldanha, Mumbai

I have been following kodicms for last few months and have started investing conservatively in this uncertain and volatile market. I have done this based on their most informative and comprehensive research and analysis reports. Like the words "morning shows the day" my investments, mostly long term in nature, have stated bearing the fruits already. Being a retired senior executive from a nationalized bank, I find myself very confident that long term investments based on the coveted research reports of kodicms, coupled with their updates on economy, both national and international, are simply marvelous and confidence generating. Every prospective investor should extensively go through the financials, ratio analysis and risk profiles of the companies before investing and avoid investing on cheap market tips.

-Anjan Chaudhuri, Kolkata

kodicms portfolio is the best. Also recommendations are trust worthy and the research reports are very useful.

-Chandrakant Kakad, Thane

Please never give in to company pressures.
It is this unique and honest opinion of your team which makes me continue to have trust in your team.
Hence exemplifying the qualities of integrity as well.
Kudos to your management and company objectives.

-Franklin Antony, Trichur

Real, practical tips for investors to achieve long term goals.

-S. Ramachandran, Bangalore

The views expressed by kodicms is unbiased and without fear or favour. India needs more of such persons now more than ever and it is our duty to support the tasks undertaken them. I wish all the very best and pledge my continued support at this juncture.

-Chellapa K N, Kuala Lumpur

I have made my money by following kodicms.

-Mohammed Yahyabhoy, Mumbai

I was just an off and on investor and did make some money but lost quite a bit of it too. Following the stock recommendations of kodicms I have generally stabilised the portfolio and am normally in the green now. Thank you very much and I look forward to a long and enduring relationship.

-Vinod Bakshi, Bhopal

I have been subscriber to 5 minutes Wrapup, Valuepro, midcap recommendation. My experience with kodicms is extremely rewarding, satisfying and profitable.
What I like about kodicms is its' honest views on all the subjects and linking it to investment to various asset class which a "normal" investor would like to know about.
I have almost 95% success rate of their recommendation. Balance 5% is not failure, it is just a matter of some more time to wait.
NIIT TECH is classic example, it could not move for almost 1year after their recommendation but eventually patience is rewarded and faith on their recommendation is vindicated.
Your unbiased and MANAGEMENT specific analysis is excellent, I believe kodicms believes investment is ART AND SCIENCE both and they adhere to that requirement of both while recommending.

-Hemant H Shah, Mumbai

As i don't have time or know how about the companies I invest in, I find kodicms a good guide to help me take the investment in well researched companies and all the help required to follow the stocks I have invested in. Portfolio tracker is very useful to track my investments on daily basis. Also it teaches me the value of time for investing in equities.

-Subhash Puri, Delhi

Your analysys is apt and sharp edged and with no errors, i was never an investor it just happened that I followed my friend and become investor with help of kodicms. I started my journey with profits so far, I would like to be part of this team as an investor, my good wishes on the superb job you are doing and you will be successful because there is no shooting in the air business you are in.

-Naveen Ranjolkar, Bangalore

kodicms always talks honestly to its subscribers, always focusing on teaching them and encouraging them to make proper informed decisions. All its actions are directed towards protecting the interests of the small investor like me. Many thanks and keep it up.

-Pronob Chatterji, Bhopal

My best wishes to kodicms. It is most reliable and trustworthy research House. As a 10 plus of Subscribers, I have experienced their letters are the Best reported ones with comprehensive, verified and complete coverage of subjects and companies. As we all have experienced hundreds of companies disappearing in thin air with the life time saving of small investor and Government doing nothing to save the Investors interest, we all should encourage kodicms's efforts, so that we become more informed investor and save our hard earned savings.

-Vinodkumar Maheshwari, Bhusawal

kodicms is comprehensive, trustworthy, is replete with rich and well-intended analysis. It may go wrong - but no malefides only bonafides intentions of serious research are loud and clear as the church bells. I respect their analysis with healthy skepticism.

-Bhushan Akerkar, Mumbai

Your analysys is apt and sharp edged and with no errors, i was never an investor it just happened that I followed my friend and become investor with help of kodicms. I started my journey with profits so far, I would like to be part of this team as an investor, my good wishes on the superb job you are doing and you will be successful because there is no shooting in the air business you are in.

-Naveen Ranjolkar, Bangalore

As i don't have time or know how about the companies I invest in, I find kodicms a good guide to help me take the investment in well researched companies and all the help required to follow the stocks I have invested in. Portfolio tracker is very useful to track my investments on daily basis. Also it teaches me the value of time for investing in equities.

- Subhash Puri, Delhi

I value the research provided by kodicms and it helps in my decision making as they also follow value investing.

- Abhay Bhagat, Mumbai

Very conservative and unbiased views. Very good for long term investments.

- Sadashiv Rege, Mumbai

Some people are throwing their money in the 'Equity Market' without knowing the real status of the companies and later they will feel sorry for that.
I honestly appreciate "The Equity Master Research Digest" and I feel that people who are watching this 'weekly digest' will surely have immense benefit out of it.

- S. Sridharan, Chennai

The Weekly Digest started by you is very appreciating as it helps investors like me to understand things easily (thanks a lot to the simple & lucid language being used). I hope you come out with more such stuff.

- Hemen Shah, Mumbai

Have been reading kodicms since early 2000. They have grown a lot and I have seen maturity in their analysis.

To understand kodicms's real approach towards wealth generation one has be give them at least 3 years.

If possible Subscribe to all of their services and become a real investor....it takes time...there is no short cut in equity market.

- Vipin Chauhan, Delhi

You are teaching people how to invest and make their future secure by investing as per the appropriate risk appetite in various asset classes.

Over and above that now you are guiding them by exposing them to such wonderful experiences like listening to masters of the markets.

Great job. Keep up the best work.

- Atul Kapoor, Bangalore

I am a subscriber of StockSelect - premium paid service. I find the research reports very extensive and helpful in analyzing my investment decisions in equitymarket. The reports are well presented and easy to understand. I thank, Equity master team in giving the best efforts in finding the right picture of the company by researching it thoroughly! Thanks kodicms for their best efforts in guiding me to make my investment decisions!"

- Atul Lalwani, Bhopal

kodicms helps you to be an educated investor. With the uncertainties in the economy in India and Globally we get the indicators through kodicms. I am sure there are many who would be getting benefited by it. I am one of them. Also it is good to improvise on regular basis, which in my opinion kodicms is doing.

- Sunil Gondhali, Pune

I Like the effort put in by Equity Master to raise the profile of stock investing for more people. Keep up the Good Work.

As you always Say Long Term is the Way to go - Stocks are NOT a Sprint, they are a marathon.

- Rohan Lawrence D'souza, Bangalore

I like your analysis, guidance and suggestions which you provide on a very regular basis. Subscription to your services is worth much more and if someone follows the advice, he/she is sure to create wealth. All the analyses are backed up with intensive studies. Great Job!"

- Vijay Chopra, Lucknow

kodicms is a great site for everybody (beginners and professionals) who are in the business of stocks. I have learnt a lot from it and earned even up to 200 %. Let us be rationale and follow kodicms and hence Warren Buffet.

- Dr Muralidhara Y.K., Mangalore

I don't know about Warren Buffet, but I am happy that I joined kodicms.

I am learning many new things about investing and have started to see my portfolio grow after that.

- Subhash Puri, Delhi

Until last year I was skeptical in spending money to avail financial services. Somehow, I did not trust anyone after 2008 crash. But then I decided to take the services of kodicms for two reasons:

Firstly, there are not just "BUY" recommendations. Subscribers are also advised when to Sell. It takes guts to advise readers to sell the stock for which buy was recommended, even if it means selling on loss. This speaks a lot about the commitment of kodicms towards the financial well-being of its readers and subscribers.

Secondly, for every service that you offer, there is also an advice on who should really take this service. This shows the commitment of kodicms towards giving best services to its readers.

And today after subscribing for StockSelect, Hidden Treasure and ValuePro I don't regret the decision to avail financial services from kodicms. I now have a healthy portfolio and am confident that I will achieve my financial goals in due time.

- Gaurav Srivastava, Pune

Equiter Master is truly a very informative website to make investment decisions. I have been a subscriber since last 3 months and find information to be very usefu. Im sure lot many people will benefit from the Equity Master research, the way I find it to be useful.

In other words it worth paying to be a subscriber for the information received from Equity Master.

- Shakeel Juwale, Mumbai

I really thank you for starting something like kodicms and I feel I am really late in being associated with you. I would have been saved from lots of mistakes ....but well ...certain things take place only when they are destined to.

- Nishank Mehta, Mumbai

kodicms has made me more and more richer every year since my association with them. It has given me more wealth than my professional career. Convey my best wishes to all 52 members at Equity Master.

- Dr C V Ajmera, Rajkot

As regards the positives....the reports are very comprehensive, logical and the analyst seems to have a good understanding of the industry and the firms biz model which I have found lacking in most other reports and recommendations that I come across.

Also it compares the company with their peers too in the market. These days whenever I think investment in stocks ...my 9 year old son Chirag has an opinion but he also insists that I look up the opinion of kodicms too !!!..

So you see your team has a lot of credibility not just in this generation but also in the future generation.

- Tarun Malkani, Mumbai

I am a subscriber to these services for the past five years. I realized the value of fundamentals for investment decisions only after I started using the services of kodicms.com.

Earlier, my decisions used to be based on "tips" or "advice from friends" etc.; kodicms taught me to base them on business fundamentals.

One very good quality of your organization is that I never have even 5% of doubt about your unbiased approach and your integrity to the retail investors.

Overall, I value the services offered by kodicms.com and I acknowledge their contribution to make my investment decisions more scientific.

- Satish Pendse, Thane

In 2007, kodicms was probably the only research house which will give most of HOLD or SELL recommendations rather than BUY reports and everyone knows what happened after that. I feel to be proud subscriber of kodicms seeing again that you still are not afraid of giving the right opinion irrespective of market moods. Great Job!!!" - Deepak Aggarwal, Gurgaon

I appreciate your dedication in giving periodic reviews and outlook/current recommendations. This is a stand out feature in your basket!"

- Srinivasan S, Bangalore


kodicms has really shown its skill in finding the PICKS much before others do.



- Satya Pal Gupta, Delhi

I have invested in large caps and small caps based on your recommendations. I made handsome gains and also had incurred losses during market crash. Moreover I had profited during market bottoms and crashes by judiciously making use of those excellent buying opportunities based on your reviews and recommendations.

Singular main benefit I have gained from your association is that I have lost less money by avoiding fad investments and investing at higher valuations. Further I am gradually learning the benefits and safety of value investment from your reviews, articles and recommendations. So I am quite satisfied with your service and fully confident of achieving my long term gains based on your recommendations.

- Ramesh Somasundaram, Mumbai

I have been following and investing in the markets for 9 years. I would follow all the hot "tips" coming out of the horses mouth only to see my capital erode. Ever since i have bought kodicms products, I BELIEVE I HAVE BOUGHT PEACE TO MYSELF. Trust me these days, I feel more happier when the stock market crashes, as i know i am buying into companies that are researched as "Fundamentally & Technically Strong".

To summarise " Sleeping pills are cheap.. but they come with a habit...

whereas mediatation is difficult but it develops a positive attitude"....

kodicms thou next name is Meditation.

- Eisen Philip, Thane

Honest opinions and ability to admit mistakes in recommendations if any are made Balanced view including bearish predictions as well following through on the recommendations and advising investor of time to sell - many other services only give Buy recommendations all the time and leave it to the investor to guess the exit price. I am happy that many times you come back and tell us that there are no stocks to buy since valuations are not attractive rather than just recommend stocks to keep subscribers happy. Even keeping quiet or not doing anything has been advantageous for me on many occasions.

Taking a stance on every economic issue / aspect especially in articles such as 5 min wrap up - most other websites and business news providers provide only disclaimers stating that the views they publish are those of experts and not theirs and that the user must take the opinion at their own risk. Right or wrong, it pays better to take a viewpoint and stick to it rather than appear wishy washy, non-committal or politically correct all the time - here kodicms scores solidly over nearly all other investment advisory firms

I feel very safe that kodicms takes the pain to pay visits to companies they recommend and do a detailed investigation of the management and their businesses

For me the benefit of your recommendations is immense since being in the US and away from Indian markets is a blessing in disguise. As Warren Buffett would put it "you make money by inactivity" or by investing methods that will fetch you returns even if the stock markets were closed for the next 5 years.

- Shankar Ramani, Chennai

It's been 5 years since I have been a subscriber to all the products of kodicms (EM). EM's "power to people" approach is what made me to associate with them initially. EM's honest, independent and consistent research on stocks is worth appreciating. In short I must say it has been a "rewarding" experience.

- S R Samratt, Bangalore

First of all I would like to appreciate the stock selection mechanism of kodicms. I am a subscriber of kodicms since 2009. Also enjoying handsome returns since then. I made this decision of joining kodicms in one of the tough phases in my life and fully got paid for the right decision. I am happy investor and proud to be associated with kodicms. I encourage the large community of retail investors to join such an advisory services to be active participants in Indian Stock Markets and NOT to run after quick money.

- Pankaj Deshkar, Pune

Would you like to try StockSelect? We offer a No-Questions-Asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee on subscription. More details about the service are available here. Or if you have any queries, just write in to us. We will be delighted to assist you!

Disclaimer: kodicms has explicit permission from its Subscribers to use their testimonial on kodicms.com. Such permission has been obtained by kodicms at the time of subscription or at any time during their subscription period by way of email. All testimonials are stated verbatim on 'As Is' basis except for grammatical errors. They are individual views and opinions and not representative of all kodicms Subscribers. As on date, the subscription period of the Subscriber may have expired and he/she may no longer be a Subscriber of kodicms. kodicms does not compensate in any way for testimonials. Investors are encouraged to form their own opinion about kodicms.

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